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Golf Course

Albert Park - 29 June 2014

Feature Hole winners                                                                           MATCH PLAY FINALS WINNER


NTP 2         Roman Popowycz                                                               GEORGE MAKOHON beat Mykola Charenko on 18th hole.  Well done George!

NTP 8         Steve Galas                                                                    

NTP 10       John Sadowy    

NTP 12       Jordan Willmott

D/chip 16     Danny Ward

L/drive 6      Roman Popowycz


Division 1   (0 – 22)

Winner         John Semaniuk - 34 pts

R/Up            Lydia Lesiw & Tony Kastropil - 34 pts


Division 2   (23-45)


Winner        Roman Popowycz - 40 pts

R/Up           Myron Flunt - 39 pts


Ball Comp. Winners    -     Cut off 31 pts


John Sadowy,  Michael Masendycz, Richard Lysczarz, Mike Lesiw, Tony Kastropil,, Lydia  Lesiw, Michael Kwas, Myron Flunt


Encourgement award - Mick Senjov

Captain's Report

Captain's Report


Twenty-six brave Ukrainian golfers made the extreme sacrifice on this cold and wet day to play the Albert Park golf course.  The weatherman had predicted a wet and cold day, maybe even hail and storms, but two of our players, being Mike Charenko and George Makohon were there to test out each other’s skills in the match play final, and the rest of us were out for a wet day of golf.


On this occasion the weatherman was right - very cold and wet, luckily we had no storm or hail but that wind was bitterly cold.  Most of our players were dressed in the Sara Lee fashion (layer upon layer) with beanies and hats but that cold wind still got through.


The course itself was in quite good condition apart from a few tee off areas on the par 3 holes where there were a large number of divots  that others had left behind.


The greens were well cut and in the early part of the game one would have said quite fast and true though this changed by the 15th hole, as the water started to slow things down.


All in all I believe that everyone had a good day golfing and it was nice to welcome some new members to our club being Jordan Willmott, Danny Ward and Natalia Kohut, as well as seeing some old faces again like Matt Kwas and John Sadowy.


Club Captain Roman Popowycz

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