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About Us

The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Golf Club (AUVGC) was officially formed on      26 February 1988, after a "Ukrainian Golf Day" at the Gisborne Golf Club

on 30 January 1988.


The Founding Fathers


The event was organised by a group of keen Ukrainian golfers anxious to share their passion with like-minded members of the community.  In cooperation with the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria, who recognised the wider benefits of establishing such a club within their community, the first tentative moves were made to attract members.


The fact that most of these prospective members had never played the game mattered little, but the question did pose a dilemma for the new committee;  was it to be a Golf Club, or a Social Club?


The first committee decided that, while great emphasis was to be placed on the social aspects of Ukrainians meeting with Ukrainians on the course, the rules and etiquette of golf were to be supreme.

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