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2023 - 20 August - Werribee

Acting Captain's Report

Werribee Golf Club

Sunday 20 Aug 2023


To accommodate the celebration of Ukrainian Independence day on Sunday 27 August our golf game for this month at Werribee was brought forward one week to Sunday 20th.

Although this late change resulted in limited availability of carts, we were fortunate that we still had a reasonable turn up of players. Furthermore, those that did arrive were rewarded with perfect weather and course conditions. 

The day commenced with all players rugged up expecting light showers which did not eventuate, and finished with sunny conditions resembling the end of winter.

As a consolation to all players, the local rule of the day was that all bunkers were out of play. This not only pleased most of our members, but obviously also the remote Buggy of Leon Charuckyj, which took advantage of this ruling by using one of the bunkers as a parking spot.

Adam Semciw, who played his first game with our club at Werribee in January 2021, excelled this year by finally winning there with our comp of the day.

Highlight of the day however must go to our now most senior player in Steve Podolczak, who at the age of 79.5   finally played his 300th game with our club, with a warning, that he ain’t finished yet.

Steve achieved this milestone by playing with Jerry Cymbalak and Steve Kohut Snr, who was a welcomed face to again see, after his long break from our games.

 So until we meet again for our next game and AGM at Melbourne Airport Golf Club on Sunday 17th September.

Good Health & Good Golfing

George Makohon

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