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2021 Lakes Entrance Acting Captain's report

Acting Captains Report

Lakes Entrance Club Championship

Sat 27 & Sun 28 March 2021

There comes a time in life, when the cost of the candles exceeds the cost of the Birthday cake. Nevertheless, our club remains fortunate that although more than 50% of our current members find themselves in this age group, all still have enough puff in their lungs to not only extinguish the vicious flame, but also have surplus energy to play regular golf, and the will and determination to test their skills by competing at our yearly Club Championships, irrespective of when or where they are held.  

Although last played 7 years ago, Lakes Entrance was again chosen for this year’s event.     23 players arrived, many equipped with their wives to give them that extra bit of support.

After 33 years of our existence, 2021 will be remembered as the first year that our Ukrainian Golf Club Championship was played using a Stableford, rather than Stroke system of scoring.  Our committee finally yielded to the plea of the majority of our ageing members, who begged us for this change, a change which we were reluctant to implement.

Whilst sharing carts in preference to walking has also crept into our game, it is now readily accepted and permitted without having to produce a doctor’s certificate as was the case in years gone by. On reflection, if cart usage is what it takes to prolong the life span of a golfer, then perhaps we as a club should also consider making this mandatory for all our members.

Saturday, our first day of play, commenced with a relaxing and welcoming pre-game BBQ prepared by the Lakes Golf Club, and as expected, the big eaters and those that skipped breakfast were first on the scene well before we had the opportunity for our group photo.           The day was extra special for our Club President Wally Orfini who played his 300th game. Although showers were predicted and arrived on time to add difficulty to the course, young Paul Lesiw still managed a great best score of 40 s/ford points. 

Sunday promised and delivered great golfing weather with enthusiasm for those still in contention. Our President Wally Orfini and I (as acting captain) had the pleasure of playing with Norm Backman (Lakes Entrance Club Captain), who not only joined us in our Sunday comp, but also attended our presentation night at the Central Hotel.

Expect the unexpected became a reality for Peter Casey surprising us all with his great performance in scoring 40 s/ford points as the best result on the day, and with a total of 69 points taking home the Stableford Championship prize.


Division 1 was won by Michael Gembarovski, with 66 s/ford points and Division 2 by Adrian Robertson with 64.

Our presentation enjoyed by the winners, accompanying wives and guests, concluded with raffled prizes generously donated by the Lesiw family, and the Lakes Entrance Golf Club.

So until we meet again at the Growling Frog Golf Club, Sun 18 April.

Good Health and Good Golfing

George Makohon

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