Werribee - 28 September 2014

NTP    Hole 3     Mick Masendycz

NTP    Hole 8     Mick Masendycz

NTP    Hole 15   N/A

NTP    Hole 17   Lee Aitken

D&C   Hole 18    Wally Kolody

LD      Hole 10    Lee Aitken


A Grade winner             Greg Anolak          34 pts                              Runner-up                     John Semaniuk


B Grade winner             Slawko Kohut        37 pts                              Runner-up                     Eugene Michaelsen


C Grade winner             Marijka Kohut         35 pts                             Runner-up                     Stan Niemczyk


Narga (encouragement award)     Roman Popowycz


Ball comp - cut-off 31 pts


Eugene Michaelsen, John Semaniuk, Mick Masendycz, Stan Niemczyk, Tony Kastropil, Mick Charenko, Steve Kohut Snr, Richard Horban, Myron Flunt, Peter Masendycz, Gerry Romanyk, George Makohon, Liz Michaelsen.


Visitor - Stephen Oleaksyn - from USA

The Werribee course was in very nice condition, probably the best that I have seen it for many years. The greens were fast and true and the fairways freshly cut, the weather being nice and warm on the day should have made for a great golfing day. Except for the wind - that howling wind that came from the north at almost gale force would test any golfers skills.


How many times did I see my playing partners or myself tee off and the wind catch the ball and carry it over at least one or two fairways. Especially Tony Kastropil on the last hole when he hit his first ball out of bounds onto the side of the hill then his second  down the hill  onto the tee of the 16 hole , then his third onto the 15 green.  But Tony's persistence payed off in the end.  He finally played his fourth shot down the fairway to the right. In all, a great day was had by all with many laughs, a great BBQ thanks to our cooks Wally and Roman and our annual AGM.


Roman Popowycz

Club Captain

Club Captain's report