Joining fee    $30     One-off payment

Membership  $40     Annual

Levy              $30 *

Total              $100  


Joining fee    $0

Membership  $20     Annual

Levy              $30 *

Total              $50  

*   this is used in the event that when you book a game and not show up, the club is not out-of-pocket. In the event that this happens, you will then be asked to pay the levy again.


If you decide to leave the club, the levy is then reimbursed.

Fee payments options are:


1.  Pay the treasurer at a monthly game,        or


2.  Transfer the money into AUVGC Dnister account.


    If transferring from another bank to Dnister, insert the following:


          Acct name:  AUVGC        

          BSB:            704235

          Acc No:       00000312


    If transferring from a Dnister account to the AUVGC Dnister account:


         In the field "Surname":  ASS

         Acc No:                         00000312


In both cases please identify yourself in the reference field.


We are always happy to accept new members.


If you would like to become a member of the AUVGC, please click on the link "Application for Membership", complete the form and forward to one of our committee members for consideration.