AUVGC-golf-header-main June 2015 - Mandalay

Mandalay - 28 June 2015



Again we were lucky with the weather. Crisp morning but no wind no rain slightly overcast. A fantastic turnout with 42 players. I would guess that this was an opportunity to play a very good course for the first time for most players hence the good turnout. Everyone was in good spirits and early. Our players were split in two which enabled us to finish earlier and get to the pub for refreshments and club presentations.


The Course.


Condition of the fairways was great and no excuses for a bad lie. As I’d played the course before I was attuned to the dangers of the rough which stood knee high and finding errant balls was impossible.


Luckily for us the grounds staff had done some maintenance and slashed the rough. Balls were relatively easy to find once in there and our group had multiple occasions to test this out. The bunkers were fluffy and a pleasure to play out of. Greens were firm and quick. Hole placements were difficult and attacking the pin over bunkers was the norm. Hence plenty of bunker shots. The greens were quick and judging speed was difficult but the putts ran true.


The overall response from our members was very good and playing this course again is on the cards.


After the game we all gathered at the local where our annual presentations were held. I’d like to congratulate all the winners and runners up in all our annual competitions.


I’d also like to congratulate all our members who partook in the competitions and made every player challenge themselves.


Be sure to book Rosebud with George and don’t forget the barbie afterwards.


See you there.


Club Captain