Bay View - July 2016

Bay Views Rosebud   31 July 2016


Total players 15 + 4 visitors


Feature holes                                                Ball comp   cut off 30 pts

NTP 3       G. Makohon                                   M. Charenko         35

NTP 6       J. Willmott                                      J. Cymbalak          34

NTP 15     Tony Khoury                                  A. Hluchanic          33

NTP 17     J. Willmott                                      G. Makohon          32

D/Chip 9   J. Willmott                                      B. Dacey               30

L/Drive 18 B. Dacey                                       J. Willmott              30


Division 1 Winner      

S. Kohut Jnr.      36 pts off 8 h/cap


M. Charenko    35 pts off 18 h/cap


Division 2 winner

M. Lesiw          35 pts off 22 h/cap


J. Cymbalak     34 pts off 24 h/cap


Acting Captain’s report


Bay Views Golf Club Rosebud, 30 July 2016

A touch of sadness filled the air as I drove to Rosebud for our July golf game.


Not just because I drove there on my own, but because on this day we were fielding our lowest ever playing list. It made me wonder, whether some of our members might be planning early retirement, or have simply lost the urge and enthusiasm associated with the adventures of golf.


The course was booked for 36 players, yet only 15 members committed to playing.


We were fortunate that 4 visitors Michael Andrus, Tony Poci, ex member Roman Slywka, and potentially new member Tony Khoury (Wally Orfini’s Son-in-law) joined us to make our numbers look slightly more respectable.


The daily forecast was favourable, and the weather did not disappoint. Although we all arrived rugged up, by the end of the day most of us had stripped to our shirts.


On advice we all played preferred lies, yet most of the course was in fact well drained and the fairways in good condition. Apart from the guesswork required in reading the slope of the greens, they too were very good even though they constantly confused most putters for line and pace.


They say that it has something to do with the ocean (thank goodness it’s not me).  


It was nice to see that all 19 players stayed on for our presentation and BBQ which was again prepared by Jerry Cymbalak and Wally Kolody. Jerry tells me that their motto is “nobody goes home hungry or thirsty”.


Finally, I wish to thank members that commit themselves to all our monthly games irrespective of their location. After all, golf is our tool in promoting comradeship as a priority.  


So, until our next meeting at Rossdale Golf Club on Sun 21st Aug.


Good health & good golfing


George Makohon