Kilmore - 27 July 2014

Feature Hole winners  


NTP 7         Roman Popowycz                                                              

NTP 10       Steve Kohut Jnr                                                                    

NTP 12       Roman Popowycz  

NTP 17       Steve Kohut Jnr

D/chip 8      Jordan Willmott

L/drive 15    Jordan Willmott


Division 1   (0 – 22)

Winner        Steve Kohut Jnr - 38 pts

R/Up           John Semaniuk


Division 2   (23-45)


Winner        Roman Popowycz - 33 pts

R/Up           Steve Kohut Snr


Ball Comp. Winners    -     Cut off 33 pts


John Semaniuk, Steve Kohut Snr, Mick Senjov, Myron Flunt, Danny Ward, Andrew Hluchanic


Captain's Report


A very cold, but nice start to the monthly game at Kilmore.  Only five groups braved the weather to take on this course.  Could it have been the wet weather that we experienced over the last few weeks?  Nevertheless, 20 brave members came out to try and master the Kilmore golf course.


Considering the wet that we have had in the morning, we were blessed with fine sunshine and it looked as if we were in for a fine day.  This changed by about the sixth hole when the clouds appeared from the north and it became a little cooler.


The course was in good condition, although wet under foot and in some areas quite boggy.  But what can I say, it is the middle of winter in Melbourne!!


The course played very well and I believe it was a challenge in the conditions as one had to play every shot to the fullest as there was very little run on the ball.  On the approach shot to the greens, one had to remember that in most cases the ball would plug and hold.  The greens putted straight and true and in my group there were so many putts that should have dropped in the hold but just didn't.


All in all, it was a good round of golf and I am of the belief that everyone enjoyed the day.


Club Captain Roman Popowycz