Beacon Hills - 26 January 2014



Drive & Chip

Michael Kwas

Tony Kastropil

No. of players - 27



Longest Drive





Ivan Furyk

Steve Kohut Jnr


Grade results


A Grade  - Eugene Michaelsen - 37 pts

B Grade - Leon Charuckyj - 35 pts

C Grade - Liz Michaelsen - 37 pts


Ball Competition


Michael Kwas, Jerry Cymbalak, George Makohon, Steve Felniak, Steve Kohut Jnr, Ray Cymbalak, Steve Podolczak, Mick Charenko, John Semaniuk, Michael Masendycz.

Captain's Report


This was my first game at this course and to sum it up in a few words -- I liked this course --Very interesting layout and for a first-timer I found the layout to be very challenging and very enjoyable.  Having come through the hot weather that Melbourne had experienced in the last few weeks the course was in very good condition - the greens though furry were quite fast on the day.


Most of the club members expressed that they enjoyed this course and it was great to see Ivan Furyk playing with us again, as well as two other players - Mick Seniw and Vadim Dobriansky, who loved it so much, they joined our club straight away.  Another person, whom most of you know, Wally Magalas, ventured out for the walk.  All we have to do now is convince him to put a golf club in his hand and hit that little white ball around the course.


All in all I believe that all 27 players plus the walker had a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you all at the next game in Ballarat -- which is the second round of Match Play.



Roman Popowycz

Club Captain


Steve Kohut Jnr

Steve Felniak