Werribee - Feb 2018


Acting Captains Report



The weather forecast predicted showers, yet 26 players arrived on a windy overcast day, to again prove that they are ready for any challenge.


Many commenced the day full of confidence and belief. I happened to be one of them.


Yet putting for birdie on the first hole was a false indication of what was to come.


Yes, my drive was great, iron to the green very good, just lipped the cup for birdie, still walked off with a smile for par.


Then why oh why were my next two tee shots OOB? It just ain’t fair. (Or is it?)


This unfortunately was only the start of what was to come for the rest of my game.


Was it my inconsistent play that caused others in my group to follow suit? Who knows, but apart from Marek Nowak, follow it they did. (Yes you too Steve Felniak)


I guess that frustration hit boiling point on the 18 d/chip hole when Lee Aitken drove to 50 metres of the green only to drop his simple chip into the bunker. And another hole bit the dust.


Enough said about bad golf, results of other members confirmed that we cannot all have bad days at the same time. To our horror and surprise many good scores were still achieved.


Such is golf!


So until our next game at Sunshine


Good health & good golfing


George Makohon