34 players attended.


Game of the day - Stableford


A Grade

Winner - Mykola Charenko - 38 pts (17 hcp)

Runner-up - Steve Kohut Jnr - 37 pts (8 hcp)


B Grade

Winner - John Sadowy - 40 pts (21 hcp)

Runner-up - George Makohon - 36 pts (20 hcp)


C Grade

Winner - Lee Michaelsen - 43 pts (31 hcp)

Runner-up - Mick Senjov - 36 pts (31 hcp)


Feature Hole Winners

NTP - Hole    2 -  Ray Cymbalak

NTP - Hole    5 - Lou Karfut

NTP - Hole  12 - Steve Kohut Snr

NTP - Hole  16 - Steve Kohut Jnr

D/C  - Hole    7 - Richard Lyszczarz

L/D  -  Hole  15 - Eugene Michaelsen


Stress relief award - Roman Zachariak


Ball comp  

Cut off 33 pts.


37 pts  -  Steve Kohut Jnr

36 pts  -  Michael Masendycz

36 pts  -  George Makohon

36 pts  -  Mick Senjov

36 pts  -  Paul Seniw

35 pts  -  Richard Lyszczarz

35 pts  -  Wally Orfini

34 pts  -  Slawko Kohut

34 pts  -  Natalia Kohut

33 pts  -  Steve Kohut Snr

33 pts  -  Nick Podolczak

33 pts  -  Stan Niemczyk  

Growling Frog - 22 February 2015

Captain's report

The day started off very warm with temperatures predicted to rise into the high 30’s.  Course looked good.  Fairways were in great condition and greens and tees maintained very well.  If you were on the fairways there were no complaints about a bad lie.  Unfortunately for me, being on the fringes or in the rough was my course of action, dry, hard, tough.  


The wind picked up early which made it difficult to not only get length but also direction.  Even though we had a couple of big hitters in my group, the drive and chip hole was a drive and fairway wood or long iron and still difficult to get to the green.  Other players’ experiences were different and short irons were used.  Lucky them!  Greens were true but a little slow were some of the comments.

We had a couple of phantoms on our feature holes, probably due to the split tees.  We will address this before the next game and hopefully resolve the issue.


Other comments about bunkers were that walls were too soft causing balls to plug and obviously kangaroo paws (and pooh) everywhere.  But we all had to contend with this.  The course gave nobody any favours.


Luckily there was cloud cover throughout most of the round, but when it cleared, the sun was blistering.  

Overall at the end, refreshments were well earned and enjoyed.


Congratulations to the winners and runners-up.  


Great results for a tough day!



Michael Gembarovski

Acting Club Captain