Club Championship Results & Captain Reports - Yarrawonga - April 2016

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Club  Championship Daily Winners

Club Captain's Report

The weekend started fantastically. Friday, a game at Black Bull, a tough but excellent course.  Perfect for a warm up.  Raring to go, feeling very confident.


The theme of this weekend was Ernie Els.


Day 1 (Lakes Course)


Saturday morning, an early start with perfect weather.  First couple of holes go great and then the rot sets in. The wheels have fallen off early. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. As predicted Ernie’s feats were tested on several occasions by a couple of us. One of our group (Alex) was in scintillating putting form. A number of single putts, a few double and only one three putt on the last hole. All this thankfully to great approach and chip shots.


Several stories emerged around the putting as the greens were slick but true. Speed was the hardest thing to master.


The course overall was in great condition and a pleasure to play, especially when you were not the only one to suffer. Unfortunately the condition of the bunkers was a little disappointing.


Whilst most of the groups kept good pace, unfortunately we had a couple of dawdlers and the golf marshal let us know.


Day one over, time for a few beers and get ready for dinner and golf tomorrow.


Dinner time!!! Well most of us showed up. The few beers turned into a keg and unfortunately a no-show.


Everyone was in a good mood even though we suffered with some average golf. The overall consensus was that the meals were good (thankyou to Marijka for the organisation). As the night rolled on everyone reflected on their game and several more beers were consumed and the day’s trauma forgotten.



Day 2 (Murray Course)


Again, an early start. Wonderful weather again. Not a breath of wind and away we go on the tougher course.


But first it’s photo time. We all huddle together happy, joking, smiling. The way it should be before a game of golf with friends. Of course there has to be a late comer (Ray!!!). Anyway more photos. Everyone looked great in their shirts.


Off we go to the first tee. The first group tees off and everyone down the middle. Second group the same. Third group etc. etc. etc. I’m watching all this as my score from yesterday reflects my position in the draw.


The remaining groups are getting anxious, no-one is making a mistake then whoosh, ball goes sideways into a bush, a great sigh goes up from the remaining players. Pressure is off. Thanks Ray (different Ray).


We are all now in a more joyful mood. No pressure, nearly impossible to win the championship from here so have a fun day.


First hole par, second hole par, third hole bogey then wham a 9. Obviously didn’t fix the puncture properly. Thought I had solid tyres. As the day wore on our group struggled throughout the course. Greens seemed to be a bit easier. Maybe from yesterday’s practice. But a tough course.


We get to the par 3 over water and what happens but splash. Not prepared to take another one off the tee so I go down and drop. Next shot plop, drop again, plop again, drop again 1 metre from hole, 2 putts. The day has disintegrated.


I don’t feel so bad, Spieth has helped me out.  If he can get a couple in the water then why can’t I, he is a pro (world no.2).


As I’m collating the cards they all seem to be a little worse than yesterday, until Paul Lesiw who has had a boomer. A nett 68 the best score over the 2 days. Played out of his skin, fantastic result. On the other hand we had an incomplete, due to injury.  Hopefully the scars heal well and we see him back on the course.


In conclusion the consensus is that the courses were in great condition, everyone enjoyed themselves, a pity the scores were not better but hey it’s a social game. The weather was good and most of the members will be glad to return.


I’d like to congratulate all the daily winners but especially our club champions. It was close to the wire with the scores extremely close. A countback for best net score can’t get closer than that. It’s great to see a couple of new faces at the top.


Thanks to all the players for making this weekend a pleasure. It’s great that we have this number of players and especially thanks to all the golfers’ partners who also attended. I hope they had a great weekend also.


Special thanks to all the committee members for the organisation. Without them it would not be the great weekend that it was.


Still not enough pain, Black Bull on Monday.


Good golfing

Club Captain