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This competition will be run on an annual basis, July to June, for singles handicap games. Points will be awarded for the top five place getters, irrespective of grade, at the rate of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The player with the highest number of points after the June game will be awarded the ‘Best Aggregate Score’ Trophy.


Best Aggregate Scores after May game:


16 points --  Steve Felniak(5)(5)(1)(5),

14 points: -- Tony Kastropil(1)(5)(4)(4),

13 points:--  Richard Lyszczarz(2)(1)(1)(4)(5)

12 points: -- Michael Masendycz(3)(4)(1)(4),

10 points: -- Steve Podolczak(5)(2)(3), Roman Galas(5)(1)(4), Lydia Lesiw(3)(4)(3),

9 points :--  George Makohon(1)(1)(3)(4), Alex Mazur(5)(4),

8 points: --  Wally Orfini(4)(4),

7 points:-    Michael Lesiw(3)(3)(1), Stan Ciach(2)(5),

6 points:-   Lou Karfut(1)(1)(4), Slawko Kohut(2)(3)(1),

5 points:-   Jerry Cymbalak(5), Richard Horban(5), Andrew Hluchanic (5), Michael Wityk(5), Gerry Romanyk(4)(1), Jordan Willmott(1)(4), Steve Galas(3)(2), Paul Lesiw(5), Andy Lapins(5),

4 points:-   Myron Flunt(4), Michael Charenko(3)(1),

3 points:-   Marijka Kohut (3), Nick Podolczak(3), Steve Kohut Jnr(2)(1),

2 points:-   Michael Gembarovski(2), Roman Popowycz(1)(1),

1 point:-    Steve Kohut Snr(1), Lee Aitken (1), Steve Kowalczyk(1), Paul Seniw(1),